from the setting of luck to the rising of fuck

So it is the First of November and by sheer coincidence, it is also raining as well. To make this early morning suit the mood and I suit the mood with meaningful music, playing November Rain by Gun’s & Roses is must for the man with the plan.

What my plan ? What is my deal? I intend not to keep any plans for plans are like promises that one should try to keep. I have failed many people and most of all myself. I can’t keep promises as well as I did so many years ago. The world is creeping up on me, I need to run and hide away or is the world whom I had once love running away from me?

This new writing, this new zone to begin from the end; I still do not know the purpose of me coming back to here. It is not like the majority will forgive. Also the people whom matters now does not matter anymore. I am and will always be alone in the world.

But I do not want to be alone, I do not want to live my life in this isolation that is filled with decoration that are emptier than my very own ambition to live with the guilt. To be stalled by a sin that can’t be erase or to carry the burden and learn from this one epilogue mistake?

At the end of the day, I must and probably need to believe in my signatory post of

Always Keep Fighting And Never Lose Hope