A New Year And We Are Still Late

Look around and instead of the cheers of Happy New Year, you can hear the screeching sounds of drums playing, fire crackers a crackling and lions dancing. Yes sir, yes madame and yes my fellow Malaysians, Chinese New Year is around the frigging corner.

We Malaysians are well known to be early in our preparations when it comes to celebrating public holidays such as Eid Fitr, Christmas and so on. Flip open a calendar and see the official date of that holy day. I say to you, two months before the actual date and you can see decorations with regards to that particular holy day will be up.

So why is it that this kind of things we Malaysians can be so early and ready but when it comes to meeting up with friends, having a meeting and so on; some of us are always perpetually late for it. I call bullshit on the term fashionably late. You are late and there is nothing fashionable about it.

Ok, enough rambling

Always Keep Fighting And Never Lose Hope