I’m (not) Alright, I promise

Pardon my sudden intrusion in these blogosphere which I was once proud to be part of. I am very much in touch with myself and as the world spins around the sun and as we have an orange for POTUS, I shed my past and disappeared from this region for a very long time. The past is over and I can’t change it, there is evil inside of me that I have accepted. Whether my former friends and acquaintances accepts is another story for another lifetime.

You’re still here?  It is my pleasure to have you here and as you notice from my social feeds and past postings, the writing is far less than what it was before. Additionally, you probably have the persona which I created in 2000 is being removed. That person is an asshole and a jerk. I am an asshole and a jerk. 

The time is now 0900hrs, I’ve been working indirectly for PayPal and for nearly a year; I have not seen the light of day. Night work is tiring but it pays the bill. Economy in the world is slowing, so i have to earn to live and of course to buy things to things to pleasure my self. No, I do not have a collection of Tenga to masturbate with but one day, I might get my own Tenga. Besides, my hand does a very good job thank you very much. 

Pleasuring myself comes in the form of buying tech gadgets and hard drives to save the tv series, anime , music and other questionables that I downloaded. As i am not on a fast internet connection, it does take time for me to get an episode. I know some of you who can just download a movie in 10 minutes. I take 6 hours on a good day.

Heading off to bed now. Do come back as my writer’s mind begin its process of renewal in the next few weeks. I miss writing long text like these.