Between God, World and I

IMG_9277.jpgToday marks the second day on the job. I have a good feeling with this new company that I am in and though nothing much was done today in work sense, I personally have worked through the mental instability that has plagued me. I am indeed not a perfect child of God nor am I a friend to the World.

That is alright with me as I have been humbled by mercy and grace. Between God, World and I; peace between the one most high and myself will always be the state I want to be in. I will not be as religious or church worthy like I was before back in the days when I was young and full of righteous vigor.

People change, I have change and the change which I have gone through these past five years has changed the way I see every single item in this ugly and yet beautiful world. Sure I have lost many friends and in my heart, I know I am never forgiven but hey! This is the world which I have created and by the strength of the one above; I will carry this burden.

A burden, my cross to bear.

Always Keep Fighting And Lose Hope