Another Month, Mind Be Kind


In roughly two weeks, it will be the second month with this new company I am in. Feels really weird working in this office as I am practically free 70% of the time. In my previous job, I was free 5% of the time and was living in fear of making mistakes.

Here, I am much more relax and I can take my own time to resolve issues which isn’t that many (yet). However, this is where I have a problem and everyone who was working with me in my previous company will say I am totally fucked up (i know i am); I try my best to look for work to keep myself busy.

Let’s take a step back and explain on what I do exactly. I work in a company dealing with network optimization as a local tech guy to fix hardware and simple software issue plus dealing with IT tickets from our global guys. Now that you have the picture, let me continue my rant from my screwed up mind.

Some global tickets, I cannot resolve. Most hardware issue can be resolved in less than an hour and for software based issues; thirty minutes on average. I am practically free 2-3 hours before the next incident comes in. I’m not complaining, I am ranting.

To me, after working for a taskmaster of a company; not doing something is really strange and I feel so weird about it.

This company seems good and I don’t want to fuck myself. Maybe that’s why I am desperate to gather work and not sit on my ass.

Always Keep Fighting And Never Lose Hope