of characters and sentences

superfoodAs you read this sentence, I have just erased one thousand characters as those sentences which I had conjured up; read exactly like how my old self would have wrote it to advertise a product. Some habits of mine is so hard to kill, then again with me wordsmithing for money for over 8 years, it is a given.

How are you? I hope that all things are well and beautiful with all of you. Whether you’re new here or you have been following me since my days of glorious falling and failing; I bid to you “hello”. December is coming soon and I am totally stressed out by my new job.

There are so many things going on which is making my position very insecure. At this particular junction, what I can do is to do what I am tasked and pray to the gods to guide this wayward child of theirs. Additionally, I have somewhat return to the side of the holy one.

I am not religious and i do sin. However, as one who has seen the grace of the one above; I cannot disagree with the power divine. My soul has been saved and for me, that is the most important thing next to securing my job.