Google Home Mini – Malaysian Usage




Roughly two weeks ago I got myself the Google Home Mini which is currently priced at USD$29 (RM118.29) which is much cheaper than buying from Lazada Malaysia where the reseller is selling it at RM309 (USD$75.75). Main reason for the big difference is the tax that electronics is placed when it is imported so I am thankful that my elder sister was in the US at that time.

Officially the only Google product which is officially sold here in Malaysia is the Chromecast and Chromecast Audio through Lazada Malaysia. These two items are decently price and something i’ll get here since the price difference after conversion is less than RM100. Anyway what do I think about this little fabric doughnut shape assistant ?


The Google Home Mini is indeed small and mighty. As I am the only one in my family who likes to geek out and buy gadgets, the Mini is placed in my room. Audio output is good but do not expect to hear the small violin playing in your classical music collection (unless you have canine ears). The mini is not a Sonos.

Setup for the device is simple, you need an Android or iOS device with Google Home app installed. After following the instruction which is less than five minutes to connect, i was ready to rock. Nearly everything that other reviewers has tested out on the Mini does work and I am mightily impressed.


The only problem which I have with the Mini which might actually be a problem with me is that it sometimes cannot hear me. Either it is my pronunciation and enunciation of my words or the internet connection becomes iffy. There are times that the Mini gives the wrong answer or doesn’t understand me at all.

From my viewpoint, Google Home Mini has given me an incorrect answer once every twenty times. To me, this is good and because Google Assistant is AI driven, this device will learn and get better.

Making calendar appointments, setting repeating alarms and creating to do list; makes the Google Home Mini a fantastic device even without having smart home devices connected to it.