Finally Out and Back in Action

pexels-photo-271171.jpegHello citizens,

It has been awhile and I know many of you either still hate me, love me or don’t give a flying fornication. I have come to accept that and I have accepted that the past is in the past.  During the past few months, I have been working with a new company and it is still a pleasant journey.

Pleasant as I am still with them, which is a miracle to me. I have been working for close to 15 years of my life and 99% of the time; all under contract. This current job is not a contract job. With a pat on my back, i congratulate myself for getting this. I am currently now on my 8th month with the company and on Thursday this week, I was asked to leave the office.

Nope, I was not fired but was chased away by my boss. Roughly a week ago was a company trip at Gopeng, Perak and a few days after that I attended two functions. Now if your constitution is that of an ox, you’ll be fine. I am very special, I get sick quite easily when attending multiple functions and thus I was hit with a trio sickness.

My Lord and Savior has a sense of humor and i know he does, that is why i received Flu,Cough and Fever. This is what i call the Holy Trinity of Sickness, which is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is totally up to your imagination. But damn for me. Anyhow, I while i was at work on Thursday, the trinity began to arise from the slumbers of dormancy.

A bit of a sniffle here, a cough there but nothing I couldn’t handle. Hey! I’ve been to work with a fever of 39c. It got worse in the late afternoon and it was at that time my boss on instant messenger ask me to GTFO. Took an MC on Friday and i have been resting for the past 3 days.

I am a little bit better but this cough is still killing me. It is my weakness as a cough for me will only get cured after 2 weeks.

So how are you ? Hope you are all doing well, be kind and just because someone betrayed you, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t trust them