For the love of the young

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Here’s a mad confession that some of you might know and for those who don’t here goes, I am very good with young people and when i say young people; I am talking about children and teenagers. There is a friend, maybe an acquaintance now, who calls me a pedo a shortened term for the word pedophile.

I can see all of you who has children of their own or younger siblings going, “Shit! Did this person who i once called a friend molested my child/sibling?” . Nothing much I can say about that but what you want to think is up to you. But let me say this, as evil as I am to society and to the world as a whole; i have not inappropriately touch a girl or a boy.

The only touching that has ever happen are hugs and a pat on the head. All in front of their parents, their friends or a large group of people. Am I a pedo wants to place and insert my penis into a little boy’s anus or a little girl’s vagina? nope!

I am not sexually attracted to kids and teens. I find that my ability to talk and understand the young a curse. Let me tell you this, ever since the age of 16-17 which is roughly 20 years ago; children will come to me. Even those who’s parents say “I have never seen my child be so close to a stranger before”. That is how good I am with the young.

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Forward many years later and at the age of 30 plus, same thing happens and at any location. The young comes to me, i do not go to them. Even my matron finds these gifted-curse something strange. And she has even said that to her friends that children will come up to me without me calling them at all.

Roughly a few months ago, a relative from Johor came down to KL as their child,my niece, was having a sports tournament. After they went back, I found out that my niece had a crush on me and wanted to sit next to me during a dinner session with her family and mine. Again I ask, what the hell did or did not do for this to happen ?

Do i have a magnetic personality that attracts the young? God,Allah, Jehovah! If you’re reading this, reduce this magnetism and give me the ability to attract those of legal age.

Genuinely I love the young. I feel it is just part of my fatherly instinct. In the words of someone that i used to know, “You make a great father but a terrible husband”. Safe to say, i think what that person say is true.