Celebrating A Year

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Yesterday was a momentous occasion for me. I managed to survive a year with this new company and by the gods of Abraham’s witnesses; I am happy. For the first time in over 15 years of working in different companies that I might have actually found what I have been searching for; a place where there are good colleagues, a place where seniors helps their junior, a place where people belong.

I guess that for once in my ugly beautiful life, I finally belong. Of course this is partly mostly due to my personal change in attitude and something which I wished I’d realized earlier in my younger days. But as I write this piece, if i knew back then what I know now; the chances of me being with this company would be significantly lower.

So what do i do at work and my daily routine ?

I work for a company that develops software that helps other companies (mostly telco-like) with their networking. My job is to ensure the machines of the staff are working correctly. Yes, I am the IT Guy; junior to be precise.

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So on a day to day basis, I’ll be fixing software and hardware related issues on computers, servers and anything related. Because the company has servers located across the globe, I too help with other overseas colleagues to ensure everything is up and running. This is my main job function.

Then there are adhoc things such as sending out packages, ordering parts and even giving suggestions on how to improve on things. All of these mentioned here and above has made me feel like I am indeed part of the team.

I am not sure when you’ll see me post again but as I slowly settle in to the glorious fact that it has been a year; I guess you might see me post just a little bit more.