Getting older by the year

Taken post workout.

So recently I celebrated my 35th birth anniversary by being sick and that was shitty situation. I had the cough, the flu and a sore throat. This is the holy trinity of sickness for me.

Work has been good, a year plus has pass me by and this job has been a wonderful experience. I am impressed by how long i survive on a non-contract job and I am moving on with my life by going for small events and picking on things to be contented with my flowing like a river life.

Come to think of it, in this whole year since January until now, I have been to less than  20 events. Before this, I was doing a minimum of two to three events per week. Alcohol and women filled. Truly at that junction, I was a gentleman rebel.

Yet this is how the world change and this is how i have changed. Do i miss those times?  I am not sure but if you asked me during that time, I would probably say yes.