Ekster Senate Cardholder Wallet – Long Term Review

all the pieces of the Ekster Sen Wallet

This is the Ekster Senate Cardholder Wallet and it has been my main wallet for the past month. You may have read my brief review on Instagram and this here is the long term review.

Before shifting over to the Senate which will be now called Sen because I am actually lazy to type Senate in full; I had been using a slim wallet which i backed on Kickstarter for about 4 years.

Dash Wallet 4.0

That slim wallet is the Dash Wallet 4.0 which has seen its fair share of usage of going in and out of my pants pocket that you can see how messy it looks like. The interior where you can keep cards, cash and the quick slot still works but look at it, just look at it.

I am still using the Dash as a placeholder for my other not-use-often cards and to keep extra cash which I will explain later on.

In my brief review on Instagram (which you should follow), I mentioned that I use 5 cards which 1 of it is emboss. At this time of writing I am using 6 cards, 5 in the box and 1 out side. When I was looking through the cards that I had in my Dash previously, I carried roughly 12 cards.

Sen and her Cards with Concubine Cash

Some of you might be saying 12 is not that many and minimalist will say anything more than 10 is actually plenty. So what was my thought process to reduce the amount of cards to 6 ?

First of all there were two cards that I needed to have with me, Identification card and Driving License. Second was my RFID Cash Card which is use for paying for tolls and public transportation. Third was the debit/credit cards for when places do not accept e-wallets.

By knowing what I actually need and what I actually use everyday, reducing the amount of cards which I need was simple and it was not as stressful as I had initially predicted. However as mentioned above, I am still using the Dash to keep my not-use-often cards. Those cards are loyalty cards for places which I don’t go everyday but will visit them at least once a month.

Dash and Sen

Now that you know that I carry 6 cards with me, what about cash? You know, that piece of paper which normally has a face of someone who did something special for the country ? Well, I carry a maximum of two notes which are folded twice with a minimum of one note.

You might be wondering on what happens on those occasions where I receive change and I get more notes in return. For me, I have my method and it involves my Dash which is often with me but not on me. Let that sink in for moment. Dash is with me but not on me.

As this country grows, more and more electronic wallets (e-wallet) are popping up everywhere and this is a beautiful sight to behold for I need to bring very little cash and do not need to worry about change. This is also the reason why I can use Sen as my wallet.

Sen with cash strap on and extra card holder strap to the side.

So what is it like using Sen for the past month, to be Frank Sinatra; “Bloody damn awesome”. During the initial week, I thought my quick card access on Sen was faulty as the cards in the box area was not sliding out smoothly. Did i put in too many card ? I did not as it was the recommended amount by Ekster.

So what was the cause? Non standardize card manufacturing by the card issuers. The only thing standard in my country is the size of the card, height x width x thickness; everything else is free game. Thus card issuers can place any kind of lamination on the card as long as the thickness does not exceed a certain limit. Because of this non-standardize lamination and sometimes the quality of it, those cards could not slide out of the box easily.

I tried different types of cards in the box. Some came out smooth, some struggled like it was constipating. All in all, I knew that I had to compromise. Then I discovered that if i stack the cards in a certain way; it came out smooth but not as smooth as I wanted it to be.

And just like my brief review, I recommend this wallet only if you can survive being a minimalist. If you would like to get an Ekster Wallet click on the link and get $15 for your first purchase off.